The Bunton Family has been serving Statesville with their tire and other automotive needs since 1973.

Mr. Lebe Wood started Lebe’s Tire in 1970 out of a location on Shelton Avenue in Statesville, North Carolina. Three years later, in 1973, Everette Bunton opened Bunton Alignment in a building beside Lebe’s Tire at the original Shelton Avenue location.

Mr. Wood and Mr. Bunton became life-long friends and partners. Since every new set of tires need to be aligned, the businesses complemented each other perfectly, and people would visit Lebe’s Tire for their tire needs and Bunton Alignment for an alignment.

In 1977, Mr. Lebe Wood sold Lebe’s Tire to Earl Baynard and partner Wayne Capps. The new owners moved the business to its current location at 917 Salisbury Highway in 1992. Lebe’s Tire had available extra space at its new location, so Mr. Bunton was asked if he would be interested in moving his business across town as well, so they could continue to operate as one-stop-shop for all of Statesville’s tire needs. Mr. Bunton agreed and the two businesses continued to run hand-in-hand at a new and improved location across town.

Randy Bunton, James Bunton, Bunton-Lebe's, Owners

Randy and James Bunton, both sons of Everette Bunton, grew up in the family business and remember hanging around their father’s shop and learning new things as a big part of their childhood. As soon as he was old enough, James started working with his Father at Bunton’s Alignment and quickly became known as the “Alignment Guy.” A few years later, Randy joined the family business. The father and son trio worked together for several years keeping the Bunton name alive and providing important automotive services to the Statesville area.

In 2005, Randy and James Bunton took over the business and merged Lebe’s Tire & Bunton’s Alignment to begin operating as Bunton & Lebe’s. The two brothers continue to operate the business today, serving the Statesville community with quality tire and automotive services and treating each customer like family. 

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